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Builders Pavement Plans (BPP)

Builders Pavement Plans Queens, NY A builder’s pavement plan (BPP) is required for paving projects that involve installation or alteration of curbs, sidewalks, and roadways. The BPP road plan must be filed and approved by the DOB and other regulatory agencies before you can start with the construction. The process is a little bit complex, so you need the help of professionals. An expediter can work on your behalf or you can get the help of your contractor to facilitate the project’s approval. And here at Asphalt Paving Inc. & Masonry, you can rely on our expertise in this field. We can prepare the BPP plan and other technical specifications for your roadway or sidewalk installation project. We are also knowledgeable about the different processes and the specific requirements set by the state, so you can expect faster approval of your project.

Asphalt Paving Inc. & Masonry has over twenty five years of experience in the construction industry. Our specialties include paving and concrete installations for residential and commercial properties. We are considered by past and present clients as one of the most reliable contractors in New York. We can handle any type of paving project with great proficiency and accuracy regardless of its size and requirements. This is one of the reasons why a lot of property owners in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and nearby areas rely on our services. From helping clients secure the necessary permits to preparing the NYC BPP Plan, we are the people they trust. Call us now at 646-656-0806 to learn more about how we can make your project run smoothly and fully compliant with local laws.

Fully Compliant BPP Road Plan

As mentioned, our clients will enjoy a worry-free project because of our extensive paving experience and in-depth knowledge of NYC laws. We assure you that our people will prepare a fully compliant BPP Road Plan. Our architects and engineers will also ensure that other important factors, such as aesthetics, functionality, and safety, are carefully considered when preparing the sidewalk or roadway plan. Aside from the standard builders pavement plan that we can prepare for you, we can also help you with other technical requirements such as the initial survey, zoning and tax map that indicate site location, photos of existing condition of the area, and tree site plan.

Faster Approval of NYC BPP Plan

Hiring an experienced paving contractor is still your best option if you don’t want any delay in your paving project. Your contractor can also explain to you the specific requirements such as the types of permits needed and the documents that must be submitted to concerned agencies. For new buildings, for example, permit type 405, 118, and 119 are generally required. Also, a completed BPP checklist must be filed. Aside from the Department of Buildings (DOB) and Department of Transportation (DOT), you may also get additional permits and file necessary documents to other government agencies. These agencies include the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), New York City Fire Department, Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), NYC Department of Parks and Recreation (Parks), and the United States Postal Service.

If your paving project requires NYC BPP Plan, contact Asphalt Paving and Concrete today. We have seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of how a BPP is designed and prepared. Rest assured that your project will be built according to industry standards and compliant with state laws and regulations.

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